Rechtsanwalt Steuerberatung

Volume I

Title Page and Prefaces


Chapter I: Influence of the Crown during the Reign of George III.

1 Sources and Limits of royal influence

9 Character of George III.

17 The Bute Ministry

26 The Grenville and Rockingham Ministries

39 The King, Lord Chatham and Lord North

51 Dunning's Resolutions and the Fall of Lord North

60 The Fox-North Coalition

71 Pitt the Younger and the Crisis of 1783-4

83 Pitt and the King, 1784-1801

92 Pitt, Addington, and the Catholic Question

103 The King and Lord Grenville: The Dissolution of 1807


Chapter II: Influence of the Crown during the Regency, the Reigns of George IV., William IV., and her Majesty, Queen Victoria

119 Paramount Influence of the Crown during the Regency

129 The Affair of Queen Caroline

129 Influence of George IV - Catholic Emancipation

138 William IV and Parliamentary Reform

145 Dismissal of the Melbourne Ministry

154 Queen Victoria; the Bedchamber; Palmerston

163 Domination of Politics by the 'Great Families'


Chapter III: Prerogatives of the Crown during the Minority or Incapacity of the Sovereign

167 Regency Legislation of the 1760s

175 The Regency Crisis of 1788-9 (Part I)

184 The Regency Crisis of 1788-9 (Part II)

195 The Regency Crises of 1801 and 1804

206 The Regency Established 1810-11

216 Regency Acts of William IV and Queen Victoria


Chapter IV: Revenues of the Crown: The Civil List: Pensions: Prerogatives of the Crown in Relation to the Royal Family

225 Crown Lands and Revenues before 1760

234 Civil List of George III: Economical Reform

244 Crown Revenues Since 1820

253 Management of the Crown Estate

253 Civil List and other Pensions

262 Powers of the Sovereign over the Royal Family - The Royal Marriage Act


Chapter V: The House of Lords, and the Peerage

273 Increase of the Peerage

281 Present State of the Peerage (1860)

290 Life Peerages - the Wensleydale Case

299 The Lords Spiritual

299 Political Position of the House of Lords

308 The Reform Bill of 1832

316 Present Significance of the Peerage Chapter VI: The House of Commons

327 Nomination Boroughs - Bribery and Sale of Boroughs

340 Attempts to Restrain Bribery: The Westminster Election

353 Nominated Members outside the English Boroughs

362 Election Petitions: Places and Pensions

376 Bribes, Loans, Lotteries and Contractors

390 Parliamentary Reform: the 18th Century

405 Parliamentary Reform to 1830

417 The Reform Act of 1832

431 Bribery: Duration of Parliaments: The Ballot

448 Qualification Acts: Later Attempts at Reform